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Welcome To CM Supported Living Services

Supported Living and
Homecare Services

Empowering individuals to live full, independent lives.

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About Us

We live to care

CM Supported Living services is an independent organisation created by social and healthcare professionals with a passion for empowering, nurturing and supporting young people and adults. We provide comprehensive support and care to 16 plus young people (care leavers) and adults in Hampshire and surrounding areas. We offer Young People a variety of settings and therapeutic support options from emergency placements through to long-term care. We also specialise in working with adult service users and their families who require care in their own homes or in supported living care settings

What We Do

We provide the following:

Domiciliary Care

Supported Living

Engaging young individuals

Talking Therapy Services

Talking Therapy Services include one to one mentoring and coaching using the modalities of communication, connection and motivation to continue to support and assist young people leaving care. The services we offer are flexible, solution focused, person-centered and use the theoretical underpinning of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as well as attachment and developmental theory.

Quality Assurance

What Our Clients Say